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Commercial signs crezon board (12 mm)

A Crezon board sign can be used as an effective advertising strategy for commercial real estate listings. Affordable, premium-quality materials like Crezon are used for large-scale outdoor signage. Crezon displays a strong resistance to extreme temperatures, moisture, and UV radiation if properly coated. The sign comes in many sizes and there are multiple coating options that address all clients' needs. They are not assembled and are available for wholesale prices without supporting stakes or posts.

There are many reasons why businesses choose commercial lighted signs from Crezon Boards in Brampton. Our quality signs are durable and can last for many years. Crezon Boards can also create a variety of signs, from simple message boards to intricate designs that can really capture the attention of passersby. Whether you require a simple message board for your business or a more elaborate design to draw attention, Crezon Boards can help you get the message out there in a big way.


Advantages of crezon board : Produced out of exterior-grade plywood with a smooth, faced surface that is specific to the sign industry, Crezon is a product that offers a wide range of finishes. Whether it is pre-coated white enamel on one side or painted with a color that is customized. Crezon is ideally suited for large exterior signs such as real estate signs or site signs. Indoor signs are more commonly made with Crezon than illuminated ones.

The following text is about a type of board that is a great choice for large outdoor advertising.

  • It offers a life expectancy of approximately 5 years, is easy to cut into different shapes, and accepts vinyl and paint well.

  • It can be braced with several sheets together and is available as one or two-sided boards.
  • It is available in a variety of colors.

  • High quality, fade resistant advertising that's waterproof, lightweight, and attention grabbing.


Commercial signs crezon boards application:

  • Billboards
  • Exterior Signage
  • Superior surface
  • Waterproof bond for high humidity resistance.

Commercial signs Specification:

  • Full color single-sided printing
  • Supporting stakes not included

One of the benefits of full-color single-sided printing is that it is a quick and easy printing process. Because the printing piece is only printed on one side, there is no need for a reverse print. This means that full-color single-sided printing is a great option for printing promotional materials.


Desire: Crezon Board 12 mm is a high quality printing filament made from a high-grade thermoplastic material. It has excellent strength and is perfect for use with printers that use thermoplastics such as FDM, SLA and DLP.
Unlike many other printing filaments, Crezon Board 12 mm is made from a single material that can be melted and extruded into any desired shape. This makes it perfect for creating parts that need strength, accuracy and detail, such as figurines, toys, and mock-ups.

Turnaround time: The turnaround time for new orders most often falls within 2-3 business days. Orders that have been received after business hours will be processed the next business day.

Action:Ordering on our website is easy and safe. With options such as dry erase laminate film, UV liquid laminate, and more, we accommodate all needs.
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