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Direction Sign Standard:

Direction signs are an important part of any highway system. They provide information about the next exit or turn, and help drivers to stay safe on the roads.

Some of the most common direction signs include those that indicate "turn left," "turn right," "exit," and "entrance." In most cases, these signs will have arrows pointing in the appropriate direction.

The symbols and markings on direction signs with arrows should be understood. For example, a "T" on a turn-left sign means that the road will suddenly curve to the left. This type of sign is usually red, and is usually accompanied by a white arrow pointing


Direction sign application:

  • A common entrance
  • Warning
  • Guide sign
  • A exit sign
  • A loading area

Reflective aluminum signs hung on a post along your driveway or on the outside of a building make navigating easy for your guests and customers. We offer a wide range of aluminum signs along with a-frames, rigid plastic, acrylic, and floor decals. People can be guided to their destination using each type


Direction sign Specification:

  • Full-color Double-sided Printing
  • H-stand Not Included

It is important to create a wayfinding plan that effectively communicates directions for large buildings, parks, events, and other large areas to ensure people don't get lost.


Advantage of direction sign: Providing mileage and directional information to travelers is the purpose of guide signs. It is common to see green signs with white writing on real estate direction signs, but other colors may be available as well.

Several types of guide signs are used on highways, roads, bridges, toll roads, rest areas, and exits.

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