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Real Estate Custom Rider White Coroplast Sign in Brampton

custom rider coroplast signs

Coroplast white:

Coroplast is durable enough to last for up to two years outdoors, although due to its lightness, it can be susceptible to extremely high winds. The product can be cleaned easily, is stain resistant, and is waterproof.

Coroplast sign is also known as corrugated plastic sign/corflute sign, is a new type of environmental material for your indoor and outdoor signage. Our coroplast signs are made of coroplast sheets and are durable, waterproof, light weight, recyclable, impact-resistant.

Hui yuan Plastic offers wholesale custom corrugated plastic sign boards with high quality, competitive pricing and fast delivery. With our custom rider coroplast printing service at Brampton, you can get any color, size, or shape of corrugated plastic sign you need.


Advantages of coroplast signs: Coroplast signs have a rich, pure color that meets the aesthetic requirements of advertising materials.

  • Coroplast signs have a rich, pure color that meets the aesthetic requirements of advertising materials.
  • In addition to being hollow, the corrugated plastic sign also has a lower production cost, which in turn leads to greater economic benefits.
  • A coroplast sign can be produced in a variety of sizes, is easy to manufacture, and is highly efficient in terms of production.
  • An environmentally friendly material, cor flute sign is widely used by domestic and foreign enterprises

Interest: Flexible, durable, and lightweight, Coroplast is the perfect material for outdoor signs. Coroplast white board signs are great for promoting your business at events and with customers. The 4 mm thickness can withstand weather conditions, from freezing cold to scorching heat.


  • Full-color Single-sided Printing
  • Vertical Flute Compatible Option Available

Turnaround Time Interest: Production is only 2-3 business days, so you can get your message out there quickly.

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